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  • PetSource is the first decentralized “pet-centric” data platform built on top of Ethereum blockchain with the aim to manage all kind of information relating to pets’ life. With the rise of automated trading platform like crypto bank, buying and selling Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is very easy and simple. You can begin using the Crypto Bank app after taking the test and reading user reviews.
  • PetSource enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of data related to pets’ lives and to their owners.
  • The first access point to the data platform is the distributed application PetSource Wallet, that will enable the Pet Owners to register and manage their beloved Pets’s informations.
  • We will also launch PetSource Marketplace, a global decentralized online market for trading pet care products.


  • No Common Rules, at an international level regarding the storage of pets’ data
  • National Databases, centralised and hard to access
  • Lost Pets, in countries abroad, because of lack of communication
  • Multiple Documents, each pet can have up to 4 different documents
  • Outdated Informations, pet owners cannot update their contact information and the changes in the pet ownership.


PetSource is a Decentralized Application named PetSource Wallet for creating, accessing and maintaining the pet data and a companion decentralized marketplace named the PetSource Marketplace where the pet owners will be able to buy from independent pet product suppliers at the best price in the market.
Pet Owners will keep the main access and control over their pet’s data on the PetSource platform.


PetSource Wallet has the following Use Cases:


PetSource allow pets’ owners to create or update their pets’ basic information using the PetSource web app or a mobile app.

Information for breeders

PetSource can be used by breeders for recording pedigree and other important information about the genealogy of the pet.

Pet Emergency

PetSource can be used for providing critical health information about the pet in case of the need of emergency services.

Pet Science

PetSource data can be provided by owners to Universities and Institutes for research purposes

Pet Passport

PetSource can provide the necessary data requested by countries for international travels with pets such as pet’s identity, pet’s ownership, contact details of pet’s owners, pet’s vaccinations etc.

Pet Healthcare

Veterinarians and other professionals will record their actions on PetSource, including what they are doing and how long they are doing it for. In the case that drugs are being prescribed or used in a procedure, a veterinarian can quickly check what drugs the pet is currently prescribed and identify any potential allergies or conflicts.

Pet Lost&Found;

PetSource can be used to retrieve owners emergency contact information when a Pet is found, in any country in the world.


PetSource will be the first global decentralized pet care products marketplace where consumers will buy products directly from manufacturers, enjoying low transparent prices for a wide range of high quality products and foods, and saving with direct promotions. Within PetSource Decentralized Marketplace manufacturers will compete for consumers and interact with them directly.

PetSource will enable consumers to buy high-quality products at cheaper prices, receiving direct rewards from manufacturers, thus driving consumers to buy more pet products online with convenience.

The PetSource Marketplace will work as follows

Token-back bonus:
PetSource will offer a 5% token-back bonus for verified purchases with PTS Tokens on the PetSource Marketplace, stimulating the use of PTS Tokens within the PetSource Ecosystem.




The PTS token will be used to access all the PetSource Wallet applications, but it will be also used in the PetSource Marketplace. One token, two different kind of applications.


PetSource will decrease the total supply of circulating tokens with a tokens-burning system. By decreasing the number of tokens available on the market, the value of the circulating tokens will increase.


    Token Symbol PTS
    Total token supply (one billion) tokens
    Token Divisibility 18 decimal places
    Token Sale 550.000.000 (five hundred fifty million) tokens (55% of total supply)
    Private Pre-Sale 150.000.000 (one hundred fifty million) tokens
    Public Token Sale 400.000.000 (four hundred million) tokens
    Price USD 0.02 per token, locked to ETH price at start of sale
    Hard Cap Total USD 9.500.000
    Soft Cap USD 1.000.000
    Accepted currency ETH
    Token Private Pre-Sale Dates 1 July 2018
    Token Public Sale Dates To be announced
    Unsold tokens Unsold tokens during the sale will be burned




Public Token Sale Details

Public Token Sale Distribution: 400.000.000 (four hundred million) tokens
Price: $ 0.02 USD per token, locked to ETH price at start of sale
Bonus: Early Bird Bonus (see below)
Accepted currency: ETH
Hard cap: $ 9.500.000 USD


Andrea Pinzauti Founder Andrea is PetSource Founder. Andrea is a serial entrepreneur having served in executive roles in the pet related products, technology, plastics and raw materials industries. Andrea leads different businesses in several Countries (among others Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania and UAE) and brings more than two decades' worth of experience and success to the team. Linkedin
Richard Zoni CEO Richard brings more than 15 years of experience to PetSource where he is responsible for the direction and management of the company. Richard is a Dog Lover, a Big Believer in Bitcoin and Blockchain and a Crypto Investor. Prior to joining PetSource he held sales management roles at organizations including Nozomi Networks, Amazon Web Services, VASCO Data Security, Itway. Richard graduated from the University of Bologna and holds a degree in computer science. Linkedin
Francesco Bruschi UX/UI director Founder and the creative drive behind 3Dclouds. Former Milestone 3D Artist. Francesco brings to PetSource more than 12 years of experience as UI/UX Director in VideoGames Development. At PetSource he leads the design and the development of the UI/UX of the web and mobile apps. Linkedin
Marco Sala Advisor Marco is an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for multinational real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies. Marco is founder and CEO at Archilex Consulting SA, a leading Intellectual Property Management and Fintech law consultancy company active in multiple international jurisdictions. Linkedin
Thomas Contin Advisor Thomas is managing partner at Archilex Consulting SA. He is an experienced lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the field of IT and Intellectual Property Law. He is legal advisor for several companies in the crypto field. Thomas advises clients from local companies to large multinationals. Linkedin
Federico Scorza Advisor - Veterinary Surgeon Federico is a veterinarian with clinical experience in equine and pet medicine, gained both in the field and in animal hospitals.After a period of practice in UK and Ireland, he settled in northern Italy, where he currently practices. He also contributes as advisor for web scientific communication and foreign market’s development in veterinary supplement companies. Linkedin